2013… time for a new stitching start!


Welcome to 2013, not sure how we got here, only seems 2 minutes since the beginning of 2012!

Am going to try and create at least 2 new blog posts per week this year, yes I know I’ve said it before, but you know how New Year resolutions go…

I didn’t get as much stitching done towards the end of last year as I would have liked, due to some family issues which had to take precedence but feel in the mood for some serious stitching now.  Have just placed an order for a bundle of new DMC threads (very reasonable prices, I’ll let you know how the order goes) , don’t you love it when you have a bundle of new threads just begging to be used, all those lovely colours, waiting to shine on your pristine Aida fabric; ah the joy of cross stitching…

Over the Christmas period I decided, with just a week to go, to stitch cards for immediate family – not very well planned but I managed to make some lovely cards, which I then sent out without photographing, so can’t show you a picture.  However I can tell you they came from the World of Cross Stitching magazine, issue 196 which had a lovely booklet of free Christmas charts along with 2 skeins of Maderia metallic threads.  They took me about 2 evenings per design to stitch and looked really seasonal in their glittering red and green threads.  There is a Christmas themed alphabet too, so I think I’ll do personalised gift tags for next year.

I was really impressed by the Maderia threads, I’ve used metallic threads before and really not enjoyed myself with them!  They usually catch, split, twist and do anything else I don’t want them to.  These were wonderful to stitch with!  They split down into strands the same as stranded cotton and sewed beautifully.  So from now on when I need to use a metallic thread, I’ll be hunting down this brand.

I’m just finishing a final Christmas card design which I didn’t get finished in time so it will go into my stack of cards ready for next year.

After that I’ve given myself the task of sorting out my cross stitch stash – so that’s several multi-sized boxes of kits (done and unopened) threads, charts, mounts etc so I can rediscover what I have and can really get stuck into projects this year.

Then comes the complicated bit of planning what I’m going to stitch through 2013; let’s face it there are simply not enough days in the year, never mind hours to stitch all we would like, still we do what we can.  I want to save some money this year by stitching cards and tags so need to plan those in and around birthdays and other celebrations.  I’d also like to change some of the pictures I have around the house, so will see what I have in my stash or may just have to buy some new charts/kits… oh won’t that be a shame.

More next time, when I should have an idea what I’ll be stitching next.


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