So much sewing… so little time


Since my last blog I’ve been working on 3 pieces – not intentionally to begin with but that’s how it has turned out.  As you can imagine it’s a tad confusing switching between pieces; not to mention time to do them all.  I think I need to set up a rota.

Two out of the three are kits which actually belong to my Mum.  A Celtic Cross and Tutankhamun’s death mask.  My Mum still stitches, but can’t do much these days because of problems with her shoulder, so I said I would stitch some of her kits.  When I saw this I thought it would make a lovely cushion; one of the ways they show it being finished on the pack.  And as it’s her 70th birthday in December I thought I would sew it, make up the cushion and give it back to her as her birthday gift – a bit of a cheat as it’s her kit but I know she won’t mind.  It’s actually a little further on than this now, with the 2nd arc almost finished.

Celtic Cross

The second of my the kits from my Mum is the death mask of Tutankhamun – lovely when made up; I’ve seen it done by others, but a pain to stitch!

It’s on blue fabric which is fine so long as you have something light behind it when sewing, but my main bug-bear is the amount of metallic threads!  30+ different colours just in metallic, most of which are blended together when sewing… whose mad idea was that?  And I want it finished and framed by Christmas – just a week after my Mum’s birthday to give to my Dad for Christmas.  He’ll love it, if I can get it finished in time!

Tutankhamen's Death Mask

It’s not actually that big when completed, but it feels like painting the Forth Bridge must have felt before they switched to the new paint – a never ending task!

The third and final piece is a Christmas sampler (photo to follow) – why three pieces I hear you ask.  Well… we had a family holiday this year to celebrate my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary.  I always take my sewing away to the caravan with me, but I couldn’t take it this time as it was the two pieces above and I didn’t want them to see what I was working on.  So I took another kit instead, to keep me occupied and began that – what was I thinking?  This third kit has been sat in my kit box for several years and is quite a simple design, but as I’m busy working on the gift kits at the moment it’s taking a bit of a back seat.  Pity really as I’d quite like it finished for this Christmas too.

I think I need to stop typing now, after all – I have three kits to finish in the next 5 weeks if I’m going to hit my deadlines.


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