Snakes and Ladders


I’m really pleased with this, it took a while to do as I kept stopping and starting on it but was worth it in the end.

It’s actually the second of two board games which I’ve stitched; the other being Ludo.  They came from from one of the cross stitch magazines a number of years back.

I saw them at the time and mentioned to my Mum that I liked them and she bought them both for me as a Christmas present that year.  They sat in my cross stitch box for quite a while after that – you know how it is!  Anyway I eventually got round to stitching the Ludo board about a year or so ago and followed that with this snakes and ladders kit.

All I have to do now is back it with red self adhesive felt and add a ribbon to tie it when closed and it’s done!

We’re having a exhibition in a month or so at the cross stitch club I attend, Spen Valley Cross Stitch so I think I’ll display these two there.

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders detail

Approx time to complete: over a year, off and on


Finished size:

General Comments:

A lovely kit though nothing to sort the threads onto.  The colours are lovely and bright.  The repetition of the grid and border made it quite easy to work through the pattern.

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  2. hi im an avid stitcher and have just finished the exact same snakes and ladders board. have lost my chart for the ludo board though so am gutted!! is there anyway to buy this chart anymore? almost at any cost.

    • Hi Paula. Glad you liked the snakes and ladders board, I really enjoyed stitching it too. Don’t think you can get the chart for the Ludo board anymore. These both came as kits, bought from a magazine so long ago it’s lost in the mists of time.

      I’ll pull the original from the storage box over the next few days and will post again with details of where it came from; might help you in tracking down the original suppliers.

    • Hi Samantha

      This and the Ludo board both came from charts which were in New Stitches magazine issue 31, for the Snakes and Ladders and issue 41 for the Ludo board.

      They do back issues, but not sure if they’ll go this far back as it’s years since I was given these as a gift. Will post another blog with details of their website, hope it helps.

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