A Cat is…


This is one of my ‘archive’ pieces.  Stitched long before there was such a thing as blogs, though as I recall we did have dial-up internet!  It’s not the best picture and doesn’t do the finished article justice but all I have left is the packaging.

A Cat Is...

I remember it being fun and really easy to sew as there are good blocks of colour, which coupled with the individual picture nature of the overall design made it feel like you were stitching it quite quickly.

We’ve had 5 cats in all over the years, Roger a rescue cat from the RSPCA he was a tabby and white, then Smokey a black tom cat who was found outside my Mum’s house in terrible stormy weather and Smudge.  I’d always wanted a kitten – Roger and Smokey were a little older when we got them, so when my friend at work said her Mum’s cat had kittens which, at 8 weeks old, needed a good home – there was no way I wasn’t going to have one of them!  She was the runt of the litter, a tiny black and white ball of fur who they had already named Smudge, because of the markings on her face.  Unfortunately all 3 have now passed away – but they had good lives (spoiled rotten) and at 16 years or so, were each with us a for a long time.

But we still have Molly, who will be 11 this year – a tabby from a litter of kittens my hairdresser’s cat had and Lixie (Sunday name, Felix because he looks like the cat in the ad) who adopted us soon after we moved into this house some 7 years ago.

So as you can guess, people think I like to do cat cross stitches, which isn’t completely wrong – but I am fussy about them.

As we now also have two Staffie Cross’ – a bitch and a dog, I guess it won’t be long before someone buys me a dog cross stitch…

I chose this kit and I think it was my sister who bought it for me as a gift.

Approx time to complete: lost in the mists of time…

Supplier: Janlynn, #50-296

Finished size: 18″ x 12″ (45.7 x 30.5cm)

General Comments:

A clear kit with plenty of threads, though nothing to sort them onto.  The chart is quite clear, but I would have preferred it to be split onto 2 A3 pages, rather than just 1; still that’s easily solved on a photocopier!

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