I love this stitchable mobile phone cover!


OK I haven’t posted anything for ages, but as I’m now well into the swing of my school summer holidays, and I can kid myself I’ve done enough jobs around the house to spend time on the internet I’ll try and make more regular posts.

Of course I’ve still been stitching, well even if the cleaning needs doing I can always find an excuse to sit and stitch instead!

Anyway my hubby sent me a link to this blog article and I just love the product!

Stitchable iPhone c ase

Shame I can only find them for iPhone’s as my current phone is a Samsung Monte it’s not a  bad phone to be honest, but the calendar is limited to say the least and as I’ve finally taken the plunge and got rid of my paper diary I need something I can update easily and integrate with my work calendar.

Mind you I hope to get a Blackberry Torch in a few months and this type of case design wouldn’t work on that as it has a slide out keyboard – still I’m sure they could come up with a design that would work – or maybe I could design my own using plastic canvas…


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