Fruits of Spain – day 1


I can never make up my mind if the most exciting thing about cross stitch is the anticipation of beginning something new when faced with a blank piece of fabric or the excitement you feel when about to make the final stitch on a piece.

The most exciting time?

This piece is something new for me as it’s blackwork rather than cross stitch and is the first of 3 blackwork pieces I’m planning to do.  If they all build up as quickly as this one I can see me doing more in future!

I first got the idea of doing something like this at one of the exhibitions we held at the cross stitch club I attend.  One of the ladies was exhibiting a couple of blackwork pieces and it inspired me to have a go at some point.

My kitchen is fitted with glossy white units coupled with black worktops, black glass appliances, a mix of black and white tiles and soft cream painted walls.  It’s not a very big kitchen but one wall is quite bare and I think these three, framed together when done, will look lovely on that wall.  I’ll let you see a picture of the finished result so you can judge for yourself.

I began this just 2 days ago and it’s coming on nicely as you can see.  It makes a change to do something slightly different to my usual cross stitch.  For anyone who hasn’t done blackwork it’s a mix of back stitch or running stitch worked in a black thread (though I have seen them done in red which looked very effective) and in this case filled with a metallic thread and gold beads secured by a cross stitch.  So as you can guess it’s pretty easy to do – though takes more concentration that I initially thought it would.

End of day 1 – approx 3 hours

Fruits of Spain - day 1


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