Friendly Clowns


I can’t believe how quickly this has stitched up.  10 days and it was done.  OK so it was also the school holidays and I’m lucky enough to be off for those and I did get a bit obsessed with it, but it was such fun to stitch I couldn’t help myself!

I’ve stitched it for the grandson of a friend of my Mum’s.  My Mum does cross stitch but only very slowly as she now has problems with her shoulder so can’t stitch for long at a time.  So she asked if I’d stitch it for her.

His mum asked for something Circus themed and I know many children don’t like clowns (I’m not keen myself) but these are quite cute and look more like face painted children than traditional clowns so hopefully little Kaleb will enjoy seeing them on his wall.

A group of clowns juggling, high wire, balloons and ball

Approx time to complete: 50 hours

Supplier: Vervaco product made by Verachtert  number 70.674

General Comments:

Lovely big, clear chart.  Made by a Belgian company with instructions in several (8) languages but this didn’t detract from their clarity.  Threads needed sorting but came with cards to sort them onto.

Only downside was that this was the only kit I’ve had in years where I ran out of thread.  Only the white and just for the last half dozen stitches, but even so it’s unusual.  The kit does come with details on how to contact them in the event that you have any problems, and also details of how to get extra threads if needs be.  Not that I bothered, just took some out of my box of threads.


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